Our Vision

e are a family owned and operated company. Started in 2012 we decided it was time for us to put our experience together and start our own business. Bringing our knowledge from different aspects and experiences together to build a company that better meets the demands of our industry. We Pride ourselves on our customer service and strive to keep a 100% satisfaction rating. All members of the Big Tex team have years of experience in the used oil industry. Experiences range from used oil to hazardous waste. All members have been trained in Hazwopper and RCRA classes and take regular condensed training classes to stay up to date and compliant.

Why is Big Tex Oil Recovery,LLC is the better choice for you? At Big Tex Oil Recovery, LLC our trucks are set up to handle all of our customers needs from one truck. Our trucks can pick up your used oil, anti-freeze, used oil filters, and paint waste all in one stop. Our customers don’t have to worry about multiple trucks having to visit their site to handle all of their needs. Another plus to being a Big Tex Oil Recovery, LLC customer is we pay our customers by check for their used oil at the time of pick up

Meet Our Team


Daniel Terry

Starting this company and working with family everyday is as close to the American dream as i think you can get. As a team we decided I was the best fit for managing the sales department of our company and i enjoy it. Its challenging but with the services we offer it makes my job a bit easier.


Daniel Garrett

Starting this company is a dream come true for me. I enjoy the responsibility of Being the transportation manager and really enjoy being on the truck. I get to interact with all of our customers and build good relationships that i hope grow with our company. Go big or go home.